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A word meaning petty or small......and was discovered by a Mr. Pinson
C-dav leaves niggardliness tips when he retreats to the North Myrtle Beach Friendlies which consisist's of pennies, lint, and old movie stubs.
by random September 27, 2004
Stingy, miserly, cheap, penny pincher, petty . This word appears unrelated to a slang term for people of African descent (nigger from the Latin -> niger -> black ) and probably comes from the Norse-> nigla -> consistently petty
Our house guest accused me of niggardliness when I got him a Busch instead of Heineken.
My niggardly grandfather only ever gave a quarter on my birthday, sans card !
Someone prone to niggardliness might count the pickles on their cheeseburger.
#petty #cheap #stingy #miserly #ungenerous #cheapskate #lowballer
by Guru Gdub YAH ! June 14, 2015
an extremely random word that was in our vocab book that looks like something that it's not
lance stands in niggardliness
by drew s September 26, 2004
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