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A word meaning petty or small......and was discovered by a Mr. Pinson
C-dav leaves niggardliness tips when he retreats to the North Myrtle Beach Friendlies which consisist's of pennies, lint, and old movie stubs.
by random September 27, 2004
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Stingy, miserly, cheap, penny pincher, petty . This word appears unrelated to a slang term for people of African descent (nigger from the Latin -> niger -> black ) and probably comes from the Norse-> nigla -> consistently petty
Our house guest accused me of niggardliness when I got him a Busch instead of Heineken.
My niggardly grandfather only ever gave a quarter on my birthday, sans card !
Someone prone to niggardliness might count the pickles on their cheeseburger.
by Guru Gdub YAH ! June 14, 2015
an extremely random word that was in our vocab book that looks like something that it's not
lance stands in niggardliness
by drew s September 26, 2004

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