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a niggins that plays the piano...and is gay
Jimmy Jam Lewis' gay ass is sucha niggarachi playin beethovens fif on the piano
by zaire March 21, 2005
97 93
A openly homosexual black man that has an intrest in the performing arts. In essence, a black Liberachi.
"That niggarachi sure knows how to play the piano"
by He who smokes bitches January 20, 2006
184 75
A term of endearment. Someone who is adorable.
"Do you like chachi, nigga-rachi"?
" You cute little nigga-rachi".
by PsychoMom May 20, 2006
21 25
Snoop Dogg's New legal name.
Niggarachi made the song "Drop it Like It's Hot", back when he was snoop doggy dogg, fool!
by guyatrandom September 05, 2009
43 48
A nigger who plays in a marching band.
"Lashanda is such a niggarachi playing the flute with her pussy"
by chris February 14, 2005
69 95
A white person who thinks there black.
sally, that little niggarachi thinks she can dance with that flat ass and no rythum.
by cv chic November 27, 2005
48 140