Main Entry: nig-ga-nese
Pronunciation: " ni-gah-'nEz "
Function: Noun.
Etymology: the concatenation of the following
1) the noun 'nigga': a derivation from the Spanish word 'negro' or Latin word 'niger' meaning 'black'
2) the adjective suffix '-ese': of or relating to a certain place or country of origin

1) A person of Asian descent whose skin resembles a dark color.
2) An Asian race whom members typically act as if they were of African or African-American origin.
Filipino. (e.g. That girl over there from xburg is a fine lookin' nigganese. Too bad her brothers are too thuggish.)
by J Shady October 26, 2006
Top Definition
An asian person that is acts, dress, talks, and walks like a black person.
Im nigganese bitch!
by Asain Boy June 02, 2004
(Rarely used in this sense) another term for African-American Vernacular English, otherwise known as Ebonics; however, in its truest sense, it is Ebonics so broken and dialectical that even other black people fail to understand what the person is saying.
What the hell is he sayin'? He speakin' Nigganese!
by Shadowulf1 January 25, 2011
A. A mix of african american and asian background.

B. A person with one black one chinese parent.

C. A mighty dark, yet strikingly foreign ethnic chinese person.
someone like Briana Feola
by Caitlin January 01, 2004
a wanna be black Japanese person.
You are acting like your nigganese.
by Rachel Valdez February 25, 2005
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