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-when the back of your head got kinkz the size of chicken shyt.
-when you can't get the thin comb or brush through all of your hair and it breaks at a certain point leaving you with a piece of what you used to comb your hair throughly.
-when you got a weave in for so long that you can see the new grown already
-as martin lawrence said on his old show ""
-your in need of a perm
dayumm look at da back of her head...straight up nigganaps
by brii December 20, 2006
8 6
the knots in a black person's hair
i gotta comb my nigga naps out
by Everly July 02, 2006
72 41
a nap taken after having a heavy meal.
johnny took a nigga nap after eating a turkey leg.
by menna August 15, 2007
25 11