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a wannbe gangster who can't play basketball or any sports.
Chris is a niggahigga cause he can't play basketball.
by kianabanana April 26, 2009
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A person of any race prentending to be another. (usually male) can be pretending to be more than one,or just too stupid to tell the difference.
white male: yo whats up essay

hispanic male: dude your white as hell i know your not hispanic

WM:i know i'm black.

hm:your a hopeless nigga higga.
by isthereanyusablescreenname July 07, 2010
a white person pretending are a nigga (usually male)
ray: yo i ain't white i'm a nigga

Joe: no your a nigga-higga

ray:ain't it the same thang?

joe: dumbass
by dragon_fruit July 07, 2010
a black or non black ghetto person who is bad at sports such as baseball or football.
Jonathan is only on jv baseball, he's such a niggahigga.
by daniboo:) April 26, 2009

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