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Wiping your ass from front to back, therefore getting poop on your balls. You end up with niggabols.
Eww your niggabols stink. Wipe like a real man.
by backyardtees November 19, 2010
A word meant in reference to an African-American male or female. Not meant to be derogatory or insulting, but meant more so as a jest or to reference a friend or "amigo". Currently acceptable to be used by white people until the Black Man finds out about it
"Yo niggabol get over here before I have to beat yo ass"

"Hey niggabol give me the roadskies cause I picked up"

"Yo niggabol you wanna play fusion frenzy and drink sizzurp?"

"Fuck you niggabol, I'd own your ass in Tony Hawk"

"Don't give that niggabol Tree any purple drank or he will black out and probably pass out naked somewhere"

"Let that niggabol do the Gallon Challenge"
by Shanki +5 July 02, 2009
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