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Two funny Japanese guys on YouTube! Rant on about subjects they like and dislike, end up smashing their parents glasses and stuff.
Nigahiga are two funny guys.
by r4cial January 14, 2008
A Japanese comedian on youtube that makes funny videos along with his other East Asian friends. He started off at 16 doing lip synching. In some of those videos he was featured dressing up as a queer and a gangster.

Later Nigahiga and his friends started making videos for how-to-be emo/ninja/gangster/nerd. This made them rise to internet stardom. Nigahiga also does solo videos in which he rants about things he's involved at the moment. He has ranted about ADD/comments and stinky people.

In his video: rant on stink people, he describes about a kid he saw that wass obnoxiously smelly and later claims that he is Indian. Then he says "since he's Indian his name must be smells-like-ass".

This has offended many of his fans especially south asians. He has recieved criticism. But some of his fans have put up response videos in his defence, denying that he was racist and that it is the norm for comedians to make racially offensive comments.
Indian girl: I used to like Nigahiga, I thought he a fun guy. After watching that video rant on stink people, I don't like him anymore.

White guy: What's your fucking problem? He already warned in the start of the video with a viewer's descretion.

Indian girl: The viewer descretion doesnt say that the video contained material that is offensive to Indian people.

White guy: sheesh! lighten up its just a funny video. Cant you laught at yourselves?

Indian girl: Hey cracker unlike you we Indians are proud of ourselves. Thst racist twart is indirectly trying to say that we Indians are smelly. I wont tolerate that!

White guy: Well thats your problem! You stinky, curry, smelly, dirty, black and hairy loose pussy Indian!

Indian girl: ... T.T

by totalissues July 21, 2008
These two very funny Japanese guys ( Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi) from Hilo, Hawaii They achieved stardom by lip syncing and by their How To videos. The videos include on how to be emo, nerd, gangster, and ninja. They also have other friends join in the videos. Ryan also does individual rants about stuff like comments, stinky people and stuff like that. They also remix songs and make it their own way. They are number 2 in Youtube behind that idiot Fred.
by ikillyouall June 08, 2009
Two retarded Japanese "comedians" on Youtube who aren't funny at all. It amazes me how he beat Fred in subscribers. Good thing RWJ beat niga.
Bob: Wanna go watch the new nigahiga video?

John: Do you want me to kill you?
by sxemattissxe August 18, 2011
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