The thin panty hose style hair cover upper that spooks wear on their heads during sporting events or everyday activites. Many spooks wear the nig wig during football games.
Why do all the spooks wear those stupid nig wigs on their heads, dont they know they look retarded?
by Patricio EL Burro January 01, 2006
Top Definition
an unconvincing, cheap hair weave worn by a ghetto black woman who can't afford anything better.
"Latonya aint fooling nobody with that ghetto-ass nig wig on her head."
by Poonstankqua January 14, 2009
The curly wire-like hair found on the head of a nigger. Looks ridiculous at all times. Moisture does not affect said nigwig. Ever.
when it rains, the white folk be trippin, but i dont give a fuck cos i got be a nigwig from birth, yo
by Saint George January 05, 2006
A nigwig is a person who is a caramel color. Mostly these people have 1 afro american and one caucasian parent. The result is a so called nigwig. A nigwig must not always be listening and dressing like hip hop. The word nigwig come from wigger,a white wanna be gangster and nigger, a black already gangster(cuz they seem to always be gangster) Although these two terms refer to the hip hop influence, a nigwig does not necesarily have to be tht way too.
look at that black guy...
yeah man,,, look over there, theres a nigwig,,
yeah, atleast he aint tryin to be gangster.
by Mr.Maker September 19, 2008
A black kid who tries to be a white gangster but fails miserably.
by bitchesindaclub December 19, 2009
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