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Slip on shoes that are a very dark shade of black although these can be sandals if worn with black socksand bedtime slippers if they aren't furry. Usually worn at night when the wearer is in a hurry.
Jeff: It's already ten at night and we have to get to the movies. Put your shoes on!

Evan: 'K, lemme get my nig slips.
by Gaz1112 May 24, 2008
When a white person accidentily starts saying the "N word" in front of a black person and is forced to either stop mid-sentence or pretend it was another word entirely.
Kevin: "Dude I was about to tell that joke but LaQuisha walked in and I let out a nig-slip!"

Jon: "Bro! What did you do?"

Kevin: "Dont worry man I just covered it up by saying 'ninja' instead."

Jon: "Uber smooth, bro."
by brosephbro February 25, 2010
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