When a woman's underwear, usually a G-string, is pulled up so that the lips of her flower concave around the undergarment.
Damn baby, that niffer is tight.
by Bangus November 01, 2006
this word has many definitions, basically it means the two extremes of good and bad.
1. adj; super fucking cool.
2. n; c-grah
3. n, adj; pussy
4. v; acting in a super cool manner or in a super lame, pussy like manner.
1. "Hank is a niffer"
2. "Niffer, come hurr"
by duhneesemuhree December 02, 2006
A young man by age but a mind that combines that of a small child's judgment with a professors knowledge of dangerous chemicals. Often changes it's appearance from trying to be metal to trying harder to be metal but successfully failing each time. Known widely for it's "Niffer Freak-outs", which can be subsided with a small candy, again similar to a child. Although it seems to have some good taste in music, it is outweighed by its extreme distaste for exceedingly good music, and its suspiciously high amount of Simple Plan songs that come on during shuffle. Also a synonym for Cockfag. Also know as "Cockfag on Ice"
Remember that time we locked Niffer in his garage and he tried to stab you and light me on fire?

What do you wanna do tonight?
We could go to niffers...
Lets call Jerry.
by MariJEWana October 17, 2009
some one who sniffs a lot, to get the snot out of their nose.
"Niff Niff"
"Shut the fuck up you niffer"
"What did I do?"
by GummyBear October 05, 2004

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