A young man by age but a mind that combines that of a small child's judgment with a professors knowledge of dangerous chemicals. Often changes it's appearance from trying to be metal to trying harder to be metal but successfully failing each time. Known widely for it's "Niffer Freak-outs", which can be subsided with a small candy, again similar to a child. Although it seems to have some good taste in music, it is outweighed by its extreme distaste for exceedingly good music, and its suspiciously high amount of Simple Plan songs that come on during shuffle. Also a synonym for Cockfag. Also know as "Cockfag on Ice"
Remember that time we locked Niffer in his garage and he tried to stab you and light me on fire?

What do you wanna do tonight?
We could go to niffers...
Lets call Jerry.
by MariJEWana October 17, 2009
Top Definition
n. Short for "Jennifer."
She goes by "Niffer" instead of "Jen" because she thinks she's cool.
by lolniffer July 15, 2010
one who grabs or touches anothers ass during games of tag or during stretches, or even lunch time at school
ive been niffed by the niffer
by blah October 12, 2003
Another word for nose, coined by dropping the "s" from the word "sniffer".
I just love watching a bunny's niffer. It never stops moving.

My poor niffer is shredded from these stupid allergies!
by Zgirl October 22, 2013
When a male or female inserts their nose into a female vagina and blows their nose.
Dude, did you give her a niffer? Cuz I gave my girl friend one and it was runny.
by niff-god January 27, 2009
another word for nipples
it must be cold her niffers are erect under her shirt
by sugamuffin February 01, 2012
a queer creature that is usually alienated to his own dark concaves and malicious to almost all forms of life except kittens. It communicates through a series of odd grunts when excited or in pain and its habits include pseudo-destuction and budding.
"Dude who's that niffer hidden behind a flock of pubes?"

"I went to clean my garage and a niffer stabbed me, gotta get me some fuckin spray"
by JJoint October 16, 2009
niffers is a bastardization of the word nifty. mainly used by sad persons with nothing better to do than make up new words from exsisting ones.
wow niffers, did you see what he/she did?
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