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A so-called philosopher, active in the second half of the 19th Century. Doesn't count as a philosopher, due to lack of systematic rigour or analytical methodology. His writings are often opaque, but seem to be concerned primarily with bunnies.
Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hopping down the Bunny Trail
Easter's on its way.
--Nietzsche, "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
by LudwigWittgenstein February 10, 2009
33 56
Nietsche: Originator of a philosophy easily condenced into Cliff's notes and slogans. see definitions above
Nietzsche is the greatest man who ever lived,I read all about him in those little yellow books.
by coldsloth June 20, 2004
21 57
(n.): just another fucking monkey.
Some of the monkeys read Nietzsche, then the monkeys argue about Nietzsche without giving any consideration to the fact
that Nietzsche was just another fucking monkey.
by kohan69 April 29, 2007
22 78
A famous German philosopher who is constantly quoted by pseudo-intellectuals to make themselves sound smart. Also a man whos philosophies were adored and applied by Adolf Hitler.
Hey Jerry, I read Nietzsche. That means I know more about life than you do, so stfu noob.
by AStalwartCabbage December 13, 2004
42 142