Ones nieces and nephews.
I have 8 niephews: 3 nieces and 5 nephews
by unkleB September 01, 2006
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One's nieces and nephews.
I can't go out tonight, I'm babysitting my niephews.

I have 8 niephews; 3 nieces and 5 nephews.
by unkleB August 31, 2006
noun: A niece or a nephew.
adjective: of or pertaining to a niece or nephew.

plural: niephews

"I have four niephews: three nephews and a niece."

"Three of my niephews are my first sister's children (two sons and a daughter), and my fourth niephew is my second sister's child (a son)."
by imperatrix March 27, 2009

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