a person with a different name, not shortened. nieko's are very attractive and have all the right moves. get alot of guys. very reliable people, always there for you when you need them. have a good sence of humor. will stick up for all of their friends. can also be skanky at times. everyone loves a nieko.
i really want to get at a girl tonight. maybe a nieko? yea.
by niekosareskanksbutilovethem May 25, 2010
Top Definition
a name for both a boy or a girl.

a unique and different name;

a person known and liked by many.
fiesty and always has a comeback.
fawless and rebellious by choice.
causes jealousy.

a person known and liked by many aswell.
enjoys the unfortonate of others.
good sence of humor and will cheer anyone up.
causes jealousy.

both descriptions can be used for both sexes.
person: you know, everyone hates you.
nieko: okay cool, ass.


person 1: have you seen nieko? i would kill to be nieko.
person 2: yeah, i have. i'm jealous.
by yesiamagee May 25, 2010
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