A universal rhetoric which serves to nullify anything and everything other people say. Besides this it functions as an expression of apathy at current events unfolding around oneself. Occasionally it is used as an insult, in which case it functions to nullify the worth of their existence; e.g. "Niegh you and all your descendants!", it is however not meant as vilely as ruder words such as bastard or dumkompf

This word originated in China during the early stages of the 21st century, circa 2005, by an unknown author under unknown conditions; a trend typified by many similar colloquies. Nonetheless the word has spread like a wildfire through the adolescent public and is now commonly used by, predominantly, students around the world.

A common mistake is to confuse Niegh with the hinnicky sound horses make: "Neigh". This is false. Furthermore another common mistake is the pronunciation of the "GH" which is supposed to resonate like a rolling G, hence it is not like the GH from GHAST but more like the sound one makes when tasting particularly repulsive food.

Pronounced: (KNIE-EG) . Although variations exist. Tends to lose effect when not pronounced with an edge of revulsion in it.
Chess Master: Hey guys! I won the state championship for chess
Chess Novice: Niegh.

Mum: Kiddo you really ought to do your homework. Your future hangs in the balance!
Kid: Niegh. *Continues watching the television*

Guy: I love you with all my heart and soul!
Girl: Niegh. *Waves for next guy to come*

Debater: Hence I standby my representative country's decision to eradicate the beaver population due to it's irrepressible damage to stream flows undermining the water supply to remote villages.
Enemy Debater: Well... My country LIKES beavers. So... NIEGH you! Your mother's a hamster and your father smells like elderberries!
by hindos May 01, 2013
Top Definition
distressed, uncomfortable
(sitting alone on the bus, and someone sits next to you... you quietly mutter to yourself....) niegh.
by Jordan Linde October 26, 2003
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