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anything you want it to be !

omg wotta nieche

that girl is such a nieche

stop being such a fuckn nieche

go nieche yourself

shove it up your nieche
by Doonycaketiyani September 02, 2008
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Nieche is derived from Niel and Cheree and has a special meaning. This name means Darling, champion child of God. This little lady is gorgeous, loving and has a fine sense of beauty all around her. Her artistic nature and powerful sense of being makes everyone around her proud. Her tenacity and stubborn streak helps her find her way amongst fools. She never settles for second best.
Darling Nieche is at it again.

Her artwork is a real Nieche.
by goue muskaat February 05, 2010
nikki & laura
look at her nieche

she just neieched him
by doony cake1 August 28, 2008

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