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AKA Nid Rack

Extremely Rare condition of Acne located on the Breasts. Could occur to a man or woman, or some kind of hybrid.

The spreading of the acne occurs due to large consumption of fatty or greasy and heavily sweet foods. As the oils penetrate the skin, the pimples begin to form as they exposed to rays from computer screens. More specifically a lot of on screen movement and flashing colours i.e. World Of Warcraft
Rutherford has a terrible case of nidrac, no wonder she hasn`t got cock in 4 years!
by Defiler Of Meat December 16, 2008
Nidrac (nid-rack): To have an extremely gratuitous ammount of acne on one's breasts. Women who suffer from nidrac are often shunned by members of the opposite sex because breast acne is very unappealing.
Did you hear? She's got nidrac. Mabye that's why she hasn't gotten any cock in 4 years.
by Bleda the Hun December 15, 2008
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