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Did you break up with your girlfriend John?
by Erin Propersi April 19, 2004
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No; Definately not
"Did you do your homework John?"
by John Stanley April 01, 2004
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1. Acronym for Non-informative Design Element. Pronounced, NI-dee. Used by some webmasters as a place-keeper Alt attribute to satisfy persnickety, Accessibility-obsessed busybodies who think that every blasted image tag has to have an Alt attribute.

2. nide, (rhymes with hide): A nest or brood of pheasants.
1. A single-pixel, transparent GIF, used as a spacer, wasn't meant to convey information, but the Accessibility purists insist that it must have an Alt attribute, so we type, NiDE, as the attribute.

2. Are you a hunter or not? Go ahead and blast that nide!
by Downstrike August 10, 2005
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