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an awesome person that is always helpful
nicole is awesome she is never mad
by ip98 March 29, 2010
65 60
ni-kohl; French nee-kawl noun . a female given name: from Greek words meaning “victory of the people.”

A beautiful intelligent and all around wonderful person. Despite this, Nicole's are prone to underestimate their excellent skills and significant assets.

Fiercely loyal to friends and family, she has your back when the cards are down.

Someone who is omnipotent. A Nicole is gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, out-going, creative and seductive, yet she is also tough, street-smart, experienced, brave, and enduring.

Nicole's are usually underestimated of there abilities, she may seem innocent and quiet but messing with a Nicole can lead to destruction without warning
Don't mess around with Nicole.

Nicole can be intimidated but never replaced or duplicated.
by (U)rban (D)ictionary October 17, 2013
8 4
A Nicole is a very sweet and beautiful women who is easy going and just amazing! A nicole is very smart and likes to try whatever she can do. A nicole is a very brave and very experienced. You can always trust on a Nicole and ALWAYS count on a Nicole! A Nicole is very attractive and caring a always loving :) You will ALWAYS love a Nicole :)
person: Why are you so cool Nicole?

Nicole: natural :)
by awkardturtle:) April 09, 2013
8 4
A Nicole has a victorious spirit, trip her up, or knock her down, and she will find a way to get up, push back and survive.
She's intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, out-going, loves to laugh, yet she is also tough, street-smart, experienced, brave, and a wonderful mother.
Nothing and nobody can compare to a Nicole in any respect. Mess with a Nicole, or especially her family, and you will regret ever being born. She is doggedly protective of her family and will defend them at any and all costs.
Someone messed with a Nicole's child, and she let them have it.
by wolfdog9698 January 19, 2012
21 17
An incredible girl. Known for her caring and sensitive side. She is flawless, and will blow you away with her beauty! You couldnt ask for a better friend that Nicole, she gives great advice, amazing hugs and can cheer you up in no time at all. I dont know how she does it. The most trustworthy girl ever. And so so genuine! Her smile lights up a room, and can fill anyone with hope. If you know a Nicole, you are a lucky person. If you are friends with one however, you are even luckier. You couldnt ask for anything better. So once you have one, never let them go! Nicole's are extreemlly special and there is no one quite like them. Be thankful to have one of there beautiful girls in your life.
girl 1- i need someone to speak to, i dont know what to do
girl 2- Go see Nicole, she'll know what to do
by qawser55 September 24, 2011
26 22
A Nicole is a super fun and outgoing girl who makes an amazing friend! Although she can be annoying at some times, she's always there to cheer you up and make you feel better. She's not the most athletic person but she is super smart. She doesn't have a lot of friends, but she has a couple really close friends who she practically lives with! She's pretty, nice, funny, and outgoing. If you're friends with a Nicole, hold on to her!
Nicole is so nice!
by heeeyyyyy June 02, 2014
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gorgeous, amazing, blonde but smart, brown eyes that you get lost in, funny, and a party in a box! super nice, dude magnet, great friend.
vinny castronovo; i'll fight you for that nicole.
justin bieber; you're on!
by ghettoliciouschick43212 July 20, 2011
24 22