Nicole: A crazy sociopath who will trick you into being your friend but is actually a crazy brat
OMG this girl tricked me in to being her friend she must be a Nicole.
by Chloe Idleman December 01, 2015
A nicole is someone that love the dick. Highly motivated by black men swinging sledge hammers. Nicole is often not there real name only one they use to cover their identity unfortunately it does not cover you from the massively infected vaginas from the bum scrums they picked up last week at the pub.
Hey look that chicks being fucked in the pokie room. Thats so nicole
by doogington March 27, 2015
A girl who is awesome, specifically making the state of PA awesome. She is beautiful, amazing, and looks damn sexy in lax shorts. Upon seeing her, it is impossible not to smile, and she dislikes being stared at, but frankly it's very difficult not to. Her hands are able to fit perfectly into those that have a jew-fro. She is really smart and can read really good. She's simply the best, and without her, the kid with the jew-fro wouldn't be nearly as happy.
I failed 2 tests today, broke my nose, and my computer broke...but I saw Nicole so it was still a good day.
by Yes-will February 16, 2010
Blond hair beauty with magnificent eyes and a hairy pussy that smells like fish.
Aero is lucky to have Nicole she is beautiful!!!
by Nicole69 May 09, 2015
the most beautiful girl in the world. Every time you see her she takes your breathe away and it returns when you know that she is yours to keep forever and ever. The girl that makes life worth living and the person you can always trust and love.
Damn girl was as fine as a Nicole.
by Nickelnik August 22, 2011
an awesome person that is always helpful
nicole is awesome she is never mad
by ip98 March 29, 2010
A girl worth waiting years for. Nicole is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, and just all around perfect. She may dye her hair, but whether it's brown, red, blonde, or even green, she is still all around amazing. She is true to her friends, and will always be there for them. An amazing best friend, amazing girlfriend, and will make the perfect wife and mother. She may not be a fan of herself, but everyone around her sees just how amazing and perfect she is.
That girl Nicole? Yeah, she's absolutely perfect.
by id_kai January 27, 2015

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