A straight up bitch
Nicole can be a straight up bitch when she is hungry.
by 00000100001 October 25, 2015
She is the most bestest friend you could ever dream of having. She adapts well to enviorments and has lots of friends. She thinks her family members are annoying but never not loves them. She warms any heart of stone, swearing or not. She's killer and Black Ops and draws boys in with her mysterious ego. Nicole is the best friend, trusting, lovable, nice, smart and rediculesly funny. If you mess with her friends and family she'll sucker punch you in the face, stomp on your face and walk away, luaghing. She is easily influenced but is the best friend anyone could ever have.
That is sooo Nicole.
by BeautifleOblivionTonite October 29, 2011
An extraordinary female who thrives in social settings and inspires jealousy among men.

Typically small in stature, this divine creature is both beautiful and intelligent, with little patience for idiocy.

Surviving on a diet of mostly granola, yogurt, asparagus and avocado, you might lure this woman through a small section of vices: 5 cent candies, rootbeer or riesling.

Nicole has commonly been used in place of awesome and amazing
OMG! you wish you were as nicole as that person!
by Twitchy Twitcherton February 04, 2010
Nicole: A crazy sociopath who will trick you into being your friend but is actually a crazy brat
OMG this girl tricked me in to being her friend she must be a Nicole.
by Chloe Idleman December 01, 2015
Blond hair beauty with magnificent eyes and a hairy pussy that smells like fish.
Aero is lucky to have Nicole she is beautiful!!!
by Nicole69 May 09, 2015
A nicole is someone that love the dick. Highly motivated by black men swinging sledge hammers. Nicole is often not there real name only one they use to cover their identity unfortunately it does not cover you from the massively infected vaginas from the bum scrums they picked up last week at the pub.
Hey look that chicks being fucked in the pokie room. Thats so nicole
by doogington March 27, 2015
ni-kohl; French nee-kawl noun . a female given name: from Greek words meaning “victory of the people.”

A beautiful intelligent and all around wonderful person. Despite this, Nicole's are prone to underestimate their excellent skills and significant assets.

Fiercely loyal to friends and family, she has your back when the cards are down.

Someone who is omnipotent. A Nicole is gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, out-going, creative and seductive, yet she is also tough, street-smart, experienced, brave, and enduring.

Nicole's are usually underestimated of there abilities, she may seem innocent and quiet but messing with a Nicole can lead to destruction without warning
Don't mess around with Nicole.

Nicole can be intimidated but never replaced or duplicated.
by (U)rban (D)ictionary October 17, 2013
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