One of the most amazing people I met in my life. Heck maybe even the best person who's crossed paths with me. Her beautiful brown eyes catch my gaze every time, Her smile making my day each time I see them, Whenever I see her, even when we don't say a word, I just start smiling right away. Hahaha, And you taught me that Love does exist, I just needed the right person, thanks for everything you've done, and I love you :)
Nicole, I wish I could just get up the nerve to kiss you already :/
by -Jus10 October 16, 2010
An intelligent, caring, and stunningly beautiful girl who makes everyone in a room smile. She loves her friends family, and often has several guys following her at any one time. Nicole is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet, and if you don't know who she is, you're missing something incredible.
My god, Nicole is so pretty...

Hey, do you know Nicole?
YES, oh my god, she must be one of the nicest people ever!
by Zebralicious February 01, 2011
The most amazing-est girl you will ever meet. She is strong, unique, cute, sensitive, adorable, beautiful, selfless, enchanting, kind, alluring, did I mention amazing? YES; caring, understanding, priceless, shy, magnanimous, captivating, charming, honest, trustworthy, exceptional, wonderful, smart, polite, respectful, irresistible, lovable, amiable, affectionate, mesmerizing, magnetic, breathtaking, faithful, random, delightful, funny, patient, feisty, brave, courageous, natural, protective, comforting, sweet, & definitely you will NOT find no one else in the world like her. She is mine. ALL MINE. Be jealous world. I am utterly in love with her.
Guy A: Who is that cute girl right there?
Guy B: The girl with the curly hair?

Guy A: Yeah!
Guy B: Oh that's Nicole. Everyone goes crazy for her, but too bad she's taken already.
by HomelessGirl April 13, 2011
A beautiful, short brunette. She's everything a boy is looking for. She's funny, caring, sweet and she will blow you away with her beauty. She usually plays hard to get, but of course with those looks who wouldn't? Everybody knows Nicole. She's not who she seems to be, because of her good looks most females think she's a stuck up whore, but when you get to know her Nicole has the biggest heart ever available. Every boy out there is trying to get Nicole, but Nicole pays no attention what so ever. She keeps her head in school, and in her work. To make a long story short, Nicole is the best person alive.
Jonathan- "Ay bro, that's Nicole!"
Chris- "Damn she's so beautiful, let me wife her up."
Jonathan- "Ay chill, everybody out there is trying to get her that just might cause you problems."
Chris- "On the real though, I don't care. I would go through anything to have a girl like that."
by Jasmine Purpouse January 07, 2012
An extraordinary female who thrives in social settings and inspires jealousy among men.

Typically small in stature, this divine creature is both beautiful and intelligent, with little patience for idiocy.

Surviving on a diet of mostly granola, yogurt, asparagus and avocado, you might lure this woman through a small section of vices: 5 cent candies, rootbeer or riesling.

Nicole has commonly been used in place of awesome and amazing
OMG! you wish you were as nicole as that person!
by Twitchy Twitcherton February 04, 2010
gives amazing hugs
wow are you a nicole cuz your hugs are amazing
by thiscoolchick April 08, 2011
She is the most bestest friend you could ever dream of having. She adapts well to enviorments and has lots of friends. She thinks her family members are annoying but never not loves them. She warms any heart of stone, swearing or not. She's killer and Black Ops and draws boys in with her mysterious ego. Nicole is the best friend, trusting, lovable, nice, smart and rediculesly funny. If you mess with her friends and family she'll sucker punch you in the face, stomp on your face and walk away, luaghing. She is easily influenced but is the best friend anyone could ever have.
That is sooo Nicole.
by BeautifleOblivionTonite October 29, 2011

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