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The most beautiful, smart, amazing girl ever to exist. A Nicole's smile can turn a day around, and when you see it you can't believe there has ever been anything more beautiful. And being around her, you can't help but smile and you get a feeling of euphoria . When you meet a Nicole, she enters your mind and never leaves. When you know a Nicole, you go beyond love, you enter a borderline obsession. You don't like her just for her looks, you love HER. You stay up all night thinking about her, you cant help it. She means the world to you, and you don't know what you would do if you did not know her. She is nerdy, and cute, and can't be compared to an
Friend: Dude, you don't look so great...

You: Just been losing some sleep. And by that I mean all of it

Friend: Oh, you must have met Nicole

Nicole: Hi

You: *faints*
by love doesnt cover it March 09, 2013
Nicole's are amazing, their individuality is credited for and their smartness is not seen but mostly always there, they have sweet hearts underneath all the self protection of being strong, and always needing to put up a shield around people. They are described as out-going, down to earth, true, shy at times, confident, funny, trustworthy, honest, loyal, and a lot of other things. They won't let you down if you let them in.
Nicole is so cool i want to be friends with her
by sdgashdglkashldg February 13, 2010
The best person you will ever meet. Commander of the possy and OWNER of ATL.
"LYK OMGZZ Nicole is soooo frickin awesome!"
by random passerby February 01, 2006
A nicole is a rare kind of sea anemone that can fly. Nicoles can only fly from 2:37am-3:16am. They are extremely rare and have supposively been seen around madagascar and the line islands.
by kittenmoolah April 05, 2009
extremely sexy intelligent drives a passat incredible woman and girlfriend and all over amazing person you would be lucky to know. Has a fat bootie and is sexy as hell
Bro your chick is a real Nicole ;)
by mikeyzboy101Ilove nicole November 05, 2008
Nicole is a girl of opposites. She can be self-concious at times but also a little cocky when it comes to her smokin' bod. She grew up a suburb kid but is far more interesting than the average one. She is shy at first but getting to know her you'll find that she's actually a goofball. She has trouble hearing things and often has very stupid moments, even though she is smart. She plays bad-ass soccer, despite her klutziness. She is a sweetheart at first sight but don't be fooled-bitch got an attitude! It is quite possible that Nicole possesses magical or psychic abilities, as well.
That Nicole is so fine! But she can be so klutzy. But she's really smart! But she's a bit shy.
by krosenfeld January 10, 2012
Funny, cute, adorable, pretty eyes, amazing personality. And absolutely PERFECT in every single way. Probably the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A one of a kind girl that no one will
EVEN COME CLOSE of being like.
"Hey!" "Your such a Nicole <3"

"Your absolutley a Nicole in every way."
by 4/15/10 July 18, 2010