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1. Gay
2. Awesome
3. Pothead
4. Party animal
5. Tegan's Sack.
That chick is SSSSSUUUCCCHHHH a nicole!!!!!!!!!
by COMPTON!$!$!$!$!$!$ April 19, 2010
A tall, shapeless organism with whoppin' jibs. Usually seen extremely intoxicated and grinding on men. Can be lured into your bed with promises of mcdonalds. In the warm seasons, can be found around NWO.
hey!- guess who nicole banged last night!
by lllllllllllllooooooooooooollll December 15, 2010
The worst person you could ever meet.

If she gets attracted to you, She will never let go.

She easily becomes obsessive over guys.

Not the kind of person you would want to go to school with.
Easily mistakes a little crush for love.
Falls madly in love with her "best friend", And would bite at any other girl who got too close.
Guy #1: "Dude, Did you hear about Nicole totally yelling at Ashlee for talking to you?"

Guy "best friend": "Yeah man, She's totally a cock block"
by Teeheeteeheeteeheeteehee September 06, 2010
A crazy sea monster who doesn't know very much about other species.
that nicole thinks polar bears are as big as living rooms.
by baptistboogeyman February 05, 2010
she is amazingly hott...nice boobs, nice ass, and shes amazing in bed, down for anything!!!
shes short, dark hair, has brown eyes that change to green...
she is everything i could ever want, stuffed into a little cute body perfectly made just for me, FOREVER!!!

a girl who was new in high school, turning into a slut, hanging around with a group of girls with a bad reputation...luckly the girl feel into the right arms, and is being carried in the right direction...
that girl reminds me of nicole...

if shes hott, and you dont kno her name, call her nicole...

a girl who was sluty, then found the right man, and changed her ways...
by onrye May 29, 2008
Dirty bitch who's just a dumb LB slayer and can't getta guy her own age. Tries to act like a slut but horribly fails.
Nicole: "Heeeey Trevor ;) "
Trevor: "Fuck off you crazy creep"
Alex: "What a dumb creep, hey Trevor?"
Trevor: "Yeah, what a gay try-hard."
by oompapapa April 18, 2010
A person who sits next to someone oodles cooler than them. Typically has a holier-than-thou attitude, but will never admit it. Her opinion is always right. ALWAYS. Don't try and debate either. She'll get mad and cut you down. But you gotta love her bitchy attitude, right? She's jealous she doesn't have friends with benefits. And that she isn't a total sleezebag. Can't take it her friends has boyfriends, either.
Taylor: Hey, look it's Nicole! Better not get on dA or she'll want me to look up Batman! Oh well (:
by Superstein November 04, 2009