Nicole is a very funny and crazy person , she knows her way on a lot of stuff and you should listen to her. but best of all she's a freak in bed so boys get a hold on Nicole if you want a time of your life
go for a Nicole she's a cool cat
by imtoocool4school May 11, 2016
A Nicole is one who is very smart, a hard worker, friendly, caring and a reliable friend. She usually likes writing and is very good at it(read her writing). She likes music as well so listen to music with her, she has good music taste. Nicole is also one who is very beautiful, pretty, sweet, loving and very outgoing. She is ambitious and will have a good life, career and family. Nicole is amazing and always enjoys having a good fun time. She is a huge dog lover, she will most likely have her own dog or dogs. She loves her family and cares about them lots same goes for her friends as well. She likes to live life on the edge. When she is sick she doesnt let that get her down, she keeps on going, shes unstoppable. Her heart is very big and you should always get to know her. This special Nicole is very unique and there is so much about her that is special, so go out and get to know a Nicole and find out more about her!
I got to meet Nicole and it was the best thing ever!
by hpmatt March 02, 2015
Nicole is someone who is omnipotent. Nicole is gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, out-going, creative and seductive, yet she tends to put other peoples needs before hers. Nicole is also tough, street-smart, experienced, brace, enduring and can be very romantic and sexual and Nicole has a nice big booty, she has a smile that boys love and her eyes tend to sweep boys of their feet. Nothing and nobody can compare to Nicole in any aspect. Mess with Nicole, or her family and friends, you will regret ever being born.
Nicole is beautiful and i love that booty she got.
by sam1110briten December 27, 2014
Nicole is just about the prettiest person you'll ever meet! She is beautiful on everyday! Nicole's are beautiful dancers but are afraid to say so. They have very low confidence and will deny when you day there pretty but love when you say it... Any guy would be lucky if he found a Nicole because There romantic and usually taken because there so pretty! Very charming and has beautiful eyes! Her hair is silky and smooth. Nicole's are simply amazing! Ever meet one? You better keep her
"Wow I wish I was a Nicole"
by Roro123 November 11, 2014
A Nicole is the most beautiful you can find. Inside and out. She can be a bitch, but only about standing up for she believes in. She's faithful, and sees whatever she starts though without giving up. She's an amazing friend, and she'll be there for you no matter what, as long as you do the same. She probably not the most popular, but she doesn't let that get to her, because she knows how beautiful she is. And always will be.
I wish i could be Nicole.
by HolyGrail78 August 27, 2013
A Nicole is a very sweet and beautiful women who is easy going and just amazing! A nicole is very smart and likes to try whatever she can do. A nicole is a very brave and very experienced. You can always trust on a Nicole and ALWAYS count on a Nicole! A Nicole is very attractive and caring a always loving :) You will ALWAYS love a Nicole :)
person: Why are you so cool Nicole?

Nicole: natural :)
by awkardturtle:) April 09, 2013
A female who wears lesbian shorts, and her love for girls is so obvious she might as well get a tattoo of scissors on her forehead.
Tim: Dude, i saw two girls kissing
Juan: Oh god, more Nicoles?
by tim66tang September 12, 2011
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