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A person who likes to get carrots shoved up her ass by dan carter
nicole:shove it up Dan !
by carroteaters October 01, 2011
A female who wears lesbian shorts, and her love for girls is so obvious she might as well get a tattoo of scissors on her forehead.
Tim: Dude, i saw two girls kissing
Juan: Oh god, more Nicoles?
by tim66tang September 12, 2011
Butterface whore with a body to match, slight resemblance to an elephant, possibly be mistaken for one of those grannies in a care home who can no longer look after themselves.
Oh fuck it's a Nicole, quickly hide behind that pile of shit
by Deferwgg4 July 29, 2011
Boring, Nobody like Nicoles , if you meet a Nicole never give her the time of day, ugly, stupid.
Omg theres a Nicole dont even look at her!
by NickyBoyAye June 06, 2011
A quiet Brunette that is secrtly a hidden slut. Her friends dont know her true personality and reject the facts that she is a secretly seductive slut that hides behind laughs and dirty jokes. Often, Nicole's Are brunette have brown eyes and are fairly short to most people.
Dude: Whos that chick?! She is hott...
Dudes Friend: Oh..thats Nicole...shes my girlfriend.
Dude: Damn...lucky bastard..
by BlakezHottrTanU;) April 20, 2010
A emo scene girl. She is one of the dumbest people in the whole country. She smokes everyday because she nothing better to do. She slits her wrist on a daily basis because her sister is mean to her and her mom yells at her.
She can be found inside of the local Hot Topic every weekend. She's also a major whore. One week she will "love" one guy and next the week another. She's had over 9000 penises in her from over 9000 different guys.
Person 1: Yo, you know that Scenie Bopper Nicole?

Person 2: Yeah i know her, i even slept with her, she's real easy pussy to get.

Person 1: Ew, why would you sleep with that emo bitch?
by Bobby Boosha January 03, 2011
if you havent heard of backnee then you will surely find out what it is if you date her.has gross puss using out her back whilst she rubs her biscuit nipples.has a bi sexual boyfriend that likes taking it in the arse whilst she watches.often seen walking the streets of kai with sammy or seen lurking around with her but pirate boyfriend.if you see her down the street wind down the window and bark at her whilst ur other friend yells WHORE!!! often misqoutes movies but thinks they are correct and will tell people so.copys people she thinks are cooler than her and anything that happens if it is simple as picking up her dildo for her boyfriends asshole she will need to put a facebook status update of it.essentially shes a major fuckbagwhoreslut.
boy: you seen nicole
other: yeah she was with her butt pirate boyfriend so i barked at her
by cock bag 1991333 December 12, 2010