A girl who should get back in the kitchen.
Oh look at that nicole, she should totally be in the kitchen
by Friendlycaca August 07, 2013
A Nicole, usually fucks bitches, and gets lots, and lots of money. She spends her time with her homies, and usually does drugs, but not a lot of drugs. Most nicoles end up a teen mom, but gets through with the help of her homies and drugs. She is usually nice, mostly a bad ass bitch. Sassy, boss, and prettier than the fugly sluts.

you're welcome.
"Hey jill who's that boss ass bitch? she is such a Nicole"
by Aniicoleeeeeeeeeeeeee November 01, 2013
A woman who cries after having sex once, and than proceeds to have sex with Kyle several more times. Although the fact that her friend and a Tim are having sex in an adjoining room very loudly. Which could possibly explain the crying, but most likely not for 30 minutes.
Tim Fucked courtney and made nicole cry.
by TimothyKyleJordan June 24, 2012
A Nicole is a person who creative, unique and loves animals, except for dogs. Nicole's are usually chubby, awkward, quiet and love cheese. You can find them in Boots buying hand sanitiser (they are usually ocd).

Person 1: Hey, who's that one over there running away from that wee puppy?

Person 2: Oh, that's Nicole, she's terrified of cute little dogs, weird, right?!
by Hithereesexual October 12, 2012
grinding with a guy so hard, fast and sexually that you actually get him to jizz in his pants.
I got Nicoled.
We Nicoled last night.
That was the best Nicole I've ever had.
Nick did the Nicole last night.
by MIDNIGHT MCNASTY February 26, 2009
Pretty cool girl.

But she talks too much, has a funny laugh and a jupiter sized head.
Orbitting, orbitting, orbitting...
Dude, what are you orbitting?
Nicole's head.
by cannacoop May 31, 2011
Bitch who stalks people like voshawn and antwon. Has a really bad attitude adn just needs to shut the fuck up and stop bothering people. If you ever meet her stay away
Damn that bitch is a nicole
by leahrox1347 January 10, 2012

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