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a nice person at first but can be a complete bitch
very whoreish and usually has a weird voice. Can be very ugly at times
Stop being a nicole
by lol123453ilovebugs June 24, 2011
17 49
Boring, Nobody like Nicoles , if you meet a Nicole never give her the time of day, ugly, stupid.
Omg theres a Nicole dont even look at her!
by NickyBoyAye June 06, 2011
13 48
Being a nerd and studying.
OMG you got 93% on that assignment you were nicoleing all weekend! Thats an A+!! You're such a nicole!!!
by raguoc reyals May 29, 2010
46 81
Butterface whore with a body to match, slight resemblance to an elephant, possibly be mistaken for one of those grannies in a care home who can no longer look after themselves.
Oh fuck it's a Nicole, quickly hide behind that pile of shit
by Deferwgg4 July 29, 2011
19 55
Nicole is a beautiful blonde girl. She goes out with people who's names start with J's and T's. She is soooo smart because she is in topics two years early. She normally has a major side-bang with her gorgeous blue eyes sticking out. She is incredibly funny and witty. Everyone loves Nicole. Also everyone knows she should go out with her band and homeroom buddy, Ted.
Look at that Nicole she's so amazing
by jackmacintire June 21, 2011
21 57
A person who likes to get carrots shoved up her ass by dan carter
nicole:shove it up Dan !
by carroteaters October 01, 2011
11 48
A female who wears lesbian shorts, and her love for girls is so obvious she might as well get a tattoo of scissors on her forehead.
Tim: Dude, i saw two girls kissing
Juan: Oh god, more Nicoles?
by tim66tang September 12, 2011
9 48