A very hott girl who happens to be freinds with teh ever so sexi and muh idol paris hiltonm. On there TV show together Nicole spends mots pof her time asking invaiding questions and being horny.., But why is her boyfreidn so frikin ugly!
" Dont u wish u were nicole"
"come here u sexy bitch nicole"
Nicole richies tells all STOP ITS OKAY 2 be mixed"
by Ashton April 12, 2005
Top Definition
A person who is dumb, stupid, skanky, rich, and horny. Is also a person who is rude and cares little about other people besides her slut ass best friend.

I feel sry for people with the man Nicole.
Look at the Nicole

Shes so a Nicole!

*yelling down hallway* NICOLE!
by Kaleema April 05, 2005
a rich sexy girl who is skanky
look at that skanky bitch nicole
by samantha October 27, 2004
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