The Ex-friend of Paris Hilton. Was on "The Simple Life" seasons 1-3. Was in rehab a couple of years ago for drug possession. Has recently lost weight, got engaged to DJ AM, and is coming out with a book and c.d.
Nicole Richie is so much better than Paris Hilton!
by Wishbone June 12, 2005
A great tasting hot drink often ordered from Starbucks Coffee Company that is the process of creating a cafe mocha and mixing two chocolates together, a white chocolate and a regular chocolate. The two chocolates represent Nicole Richie. Half black, and half white. This drink is other wise known as a black and white mocha.
employee: "Welcome to Starbucks what can I get for ya?"
customer: "Hi, I would like a grande, extra hot, Nicole Richie please."
by Ryguy7 September 03, 2007
A very small bag of antlers.
A: Look at that bag of antlers!

B: That's Nicole Richie. Oh, and theres that CW (crack whore) Paris Hilton.
by alpha0mega2213 January 11, 2007
Smart,Kind,Nice,Pretty,Rich pretty woman!!

ex friend of Paris Hilton
the perfect woman in the whole wide world,nicole richie
by drollie August 26, 2006
nicole camilla escoveda. now nicole richie. born a beaner, raised a cracker
sorry white ppl, nicole richie is ours
by san jose beaner March 08, 2006

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