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consider one of the worst rugby players in the world, he thinks that he is huge though we all know the little gay cunt tore can drop him. Actually thats a lie tore can even get hard so i dont think he can drop nico. Anyway back to the point Nico is possibly the biggest noob ever because the loser child continues to play the gayest game ever, cod 4, which consists of squares running trying to kill eachother by shooting triangles at eachother. Nico attended the Thomas Ross Henry 2010 and was just absolutely amazing and even joined in the discussion between alex griffin and john taylor about quickscoping in black ops (which we all know you can do). Nico is so stupid he liked alex antonas for 8 months and fell out of a tree in front of 100000000000000000000 girls from santa maria.
'' Hey nico brits, im going drop you. lol jks im tore and my dicks small''

Oh hey man lets go play some gay fucking cod 4 at your house?

by the a dog November 20, 2010
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