the act of someone sucking the life out of a room just by walking into it. being entirely pessimistic about everything. being a bandwagon fan. picking your acne in public places. not having a facebook and refusing to talk to women.
why don't you have a facebook? are you nicking me in my mouth right now?
by penetrated owl July 01, 2011
Top Definition
To repeatedly hide while others engage in combat in the game, "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" then when called on, deny your actions
"Stop nicking all the time and fight for a change"
"I'm not I swear, look see I'm fighting"
by QQdat June 25, 2009
When one spends their entire work day looking at pictures of boys on my space, or talking endlessly on their cell phone waiting for someone to give them a brown eye punch.
This guy at my work spends his whole day nicking away the hours.
by jhnewguy June 09, 2006
A person who asks a lot of questions without trying google first.
George: How do you change your background on twitter?

Paul: I'm not in the mood for your nicking today!

George: Aww come on.

Paul: Did you try google.

George: Yeah.

(paul googles the question)

Paul: It was the first fucking link!

George: It wasn't there when I looked.

Paul: Your full of shit. Go nick somewhere else!
The act of which someone is being a total jerk to you after being very pleasant to you. This usually is a random occurance that may lead to frustrate after someone gets "Nicked"
Me: I have no clue why dave was nicking me after being so nice last weekend!

Zach: Ugh, I hate being nicked! Totally rude of him to do that to you!
by omgitsme_again May 15, 2011
To "commit" to a plan or an event and then flake on your engagement without any reasonable explanation and or efficient timely manner
ex. "Hey guys lets go to San Diego for my birthday! or Yeah I'm down to go to South Lake Tahoe"

Day of event "sorry guys i cant make it, something came up"


you've been nicked!

that person is nicking you!
did we just get nicked?
by The Kingzz February 12, 2014
The act of constantly ignoring ones girlfriend, friends, or just anyone in general trying to get in contact with him.
Texts: "Hey"
*3 hours later*
"Gotta ask ya something"
*7 hours layer*
Yea he's totally Nicking me.
by Fwerqqqq August 26, 2014
excessive use of handheld devices used for video screening purposes
According to a decision by the judges, nicking is PROHIBITED during presentations.
by CMD NLC June 26, 2010
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