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usually extremely dominant,,,
has been known to hate hannah montana,
has absolutely incredible boobs, will knock you off your feet with just one stare, has been known to be commonly red headed. also tends to be one of the most incredible people you will ever meet.
Jane: wow, who is that??
alex: I dont know but she looks like a nickie..
by november_raine August 26, 2008
A name or nick-name most commonly used for girls. It is a non-slutty way of spelling the name but is usually attributed to blonds and they tend to have large boobs. For some reason they usually tend to enjoy video games and tea. They are also very cute but are independent.
"Hey I asked out that girl over there but she said no." "That sucks what was her name?" "Nickie" "Oh well than obviously she's to good for you."
by xoackles477 December 08, 2009

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