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26-year-old Trinidadian female rapper. Released a number of mixtapes under Lil Wayne's label before her rise to fame with Pink Friday. Has collaborated with artists such as Rihanna, Trey Songz, Eminem, etc.

She is a walking billboard for Young Money; she constantly attempts to slip the label's name in her songs, as if the very mention of this concentration of unbelievably gifted rappers makes critics piss their pants. The shameless advertising, as well as her outrageous outfits and stage personae, helps to distract from or enhance the otherwise mundane experience of listening to her sing/rap. Despite fervent claims that "Nicki Minaj is who you ain't fuckin' wit'," you may get away with it if you a) have a flow exceeding that of a corn husk, and b) can write about something other than slapping the MAC off of bitches and "How you doin' boy, you look fine enough for ME!"

Whether you love or hate her, her background, race, affiliation with YM members, and the curvaceous quality of her derriere should not have to affect your perception of her, as she is, to most of us, strictly an artist. Which is a shame, since her ass does look smack-worthy.
From Nicki Minaj's song, "Baddest Bitch":
"Got the Austin Power flow, I'm groovy, bitches
And no, you're no match for my oozie, bitches
I dumb my raps down so I don't lose these bitches
Say some sex shit like wetter than jacuzzi, bitches."

Struck some gold, didn't you, Wayne, you lucky dog.
by Spiritus Palimpsestuous July 14, 2011
Who you ain't fucking with.
You play the back, bitch, I'm in the front. You need a job, this ain't cuttin' it, Nicki Minaj is who you ain't fuckin' with.
by MateaSomething June 28, 2011
the best female rapper ever. her songs are amazing! her songs are super fun to memorize
nicki minaj right thru me

what are we doing
could you see through me
cause you say Nicki and I say “who me”
You say “no you” and I say “screw you”
then you start dressing, and you start leaving
and I start crying and I start screaming
the heavy breathing but what’s the reason
always get the reaction you wanted
I’m actually frontin’, I’m asking you something
yo, answer this question, class is in session
tired of letting passing progression
control my mind, capture my soul
ok you’re right, just let it go
okay you ride it, its in the can
before I played it, you knew my hand
you can turn a freak hoe to a (?)
n-gga got the peep hole to my soul
by prettysweetwreckless June 21, 2011
Nicki is not a word, she is not a line
she is not a girl that can every be defined
Nicki is not only fly, she IS levitation
Nicki represents an entire generation!

courtesy of Nicki Minaj MY PINK FRIDAY
by needahmassageminaj March 28, 2011
The best female rapper ever. Often called the femal version of Lil Wayne.
Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch.
by soufwestchola March 09, 2010
Shes such a BARBIE, and will always be a BARBIE (period).
Her stylez fly cause shes so Trill. Coolest bitch in the game. Beats Trina, lil kim, killin their spot light with her SWAGG. If you dont know Nicki Minaj, your an idiot, every guy and girl want to be like her or with her.
Aphrodite - Greek goddess of Beauty, is the now dayz nicki minaj
by h8erzh8luverzluv April 10, 2010
The best example of how untalented and ugly a person can be and still be a famous musician!
Dude 1: I don't know man, sometimes I feel like I really don't matter..

Dude 2: There There, look at Nicki Minaj! Everybody can accomplish something!
by sirspamalot October 15, 2014