A horrible mad corny rapper who thinks she is really tight, but is not. Her rhymes are mad corny, but gets spins because of payola and riding Lil Wayne's coattails. She claims she's the best rapper out, but that is a default win seein how there have been no new rap female artists on the scene since Eve, and that was almost a decade ago. Her weave is toe up and her wigs be lopsided and raggedy as fuck. News flash: there is nothing Barbie-esque about NIcki Minaj and she is NOT ASIAN! She is also the queen of plastic surgery. Her veneers are too big for her mouth and her giant butt injections are a sexual fantasy for men who will never buy her album.
Duke Ellington: Why did Nicki Minaj wake me up out the grave with this mookish ass coonery? Frederick Douglass: Ay dog. Her elementary ass rhymes nearly took our progress as a people back to having sit ins and non-violent protest. Random Idiot Nicki Fan: Yeeeeeeah, well I luh her. Her ass is so fat. Me: Can You Name One of Her Songs? Did you buy her album? Random Idiot Nicki Fan: Well, naw. Malcom X: Non Violent? I don't play that shit. Me: Neither should black radio or anybody with a collegiate degree.
by Chezppodle! November 28, 2010
Terrible female rapper who gets all of her fame from cock riding lil wayne..
always raps about getting head and thinks she's better than every other female rapper just because she's super mainstream
GUY #1: Hey have you heard of nicki minaj?
GUY #2: no.
GUY #1: your lucky...
by C Nazty June 14, 2010
Female rapper with "Young money" . She calls her self BARBIE all the time. In all of her raps she talks about bein Asian, bisexual,having money, & sex...not a good influence on children or women who want to become rappers BECAUSE LIKE I SAID SHE REPEATS EVERYTHING IN EVERY RAP 24/7
Toby: You hear that new Nicki....
Kunta: you didn't let him finish the sentence
ME: Who cares i know what he was gonna say
Toby: yo Nicki Minaj is the shit
Kunta: mhm
ME: Nah she a broken record
by I Speak the truth brah June 02, 2010
Sicki "Suitcase" Menage-a-trois AKA Nicki Minaj:

- A pathetic excuse for a rapper.

- A Lil Kim wannabe.

- Known for her fake fat ass

- Rose to fame dissing other female artists.

- A liar who lied about her age, her sexual orientation and basically her whole life. She is bipolar.

- She can't rap to save her life.

- Most of her fanbase consists of pop fans most notably little girls on their period who call themselves Barbz and boys who are Perez Hilton look-a-likes and wear lip gloss.

- A sell-out.

- A swagger jacker.

- A whore.

- A female version of Lil Wayne (OMG)

- She had a sex change, previously known as Nicholas Maraj or her nickname Ricky Mirage.
Youz a Lil Kim wannabe you just hate to admit it.

Jane: OMG Lil Kim just destroyed that wannabe rapper, Nicki
Trina: Yeah, she murdered her! R.I.P Nicki

Nicki Minaj: Boy you got that Boom boom boom....
Me: STFU!! *throws suitcase at Icki's ugly face*
by MickieFan August 14, 2011
I don't even know, man. I just don't know.. Is it a human being? It sings in a weird way. I think it has Tourrette's.
Nicki Minaj is retarded.
by Uhhh... March 12, 2012
Aka Suitcase Minaj. She rose to fame by dissing other female rappers and most importantly the Queen Bee Lil' Kim.
Lil' Kim & her fans constantly drag her via Twitter and she just can't take it.

Born December 8, 1982 (making her 28 turning 29, not 26 turning 27), all hell broke loose. She's bipolar, fake, a swagger jacker, the worst rapper alive, a pop star, ugly, and a liar.

She lies about her age and she always subliminally talk about people. SCUM.
You: Nicki Minaj is the best. #TeamNicki

Me: Eat a dick. #TeamLilKim
by Kim KimmyKP Possible October 01, 2011
Nicki minaj, aka The Female Weezy is a singer and rapper. You don't want to see a close up of her face or you'll have nightmares for life. Her ass is bigger than Rick Ross' manboobs.
Look at that woman! She should take that melon out of her anus, she looks like a Nicki Minaj!
by appa, the fat flying dog July 23, 2012

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