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A piece of shit, asshole.

Worse than a douchebag. Worse than a fag. Worse than a bitch. Worse than anything you know.

The most degrading term a person can call another.

Originated from combining the two words "Nickelback" (one the worst bands ever) and "bitch" (one of the worst things to call someone).
"Hey Clarence, I fucked your mom last night and raped your dogs. I also beat up your 10 year old brother for no reason. O ya, I strangled your 2 year old sister to death" - Ricky

"Wtf? No way Ricky. You're joking right?" -Clarence

"Nope. I also raped your girlfriend in the ass with 96 strokes. After that she sucked my dick and we made love the rest of the night. Also, I sold your car for $86,000 and told the cops about your marijuana farm." -Ricky

"I'm going to fucking kill you, you fucking NICKELBITCH!" -Clarence
by God's son named Jesus March 06, 2010
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A bitch or a whore that is worth no more than a nickle
shut up you nickel bitch
by vince-violentv July 05, 2008
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a really ugly female; a chick with a horrific appearance.

also used in conjunction with : " she looks like she got hit in the head with a hot bag of nickels."

His new girl is a nickelbitch, I'm a dime.
by erockz July 17, 2008
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