A hot, scrawny guitar player for the wonderful band The Strokes. He began to play the guitar at age 5, and currently resides in New York City East.
Nick Valensi wants me.
by Nik Vall-enn-see November 03, 2003
Top Definition
guitarist for the strokes. has better hair than you'll ever have in your life time. he is the sex. case in point, he can make the dumbest comment or the stupidest facial expression and you'll still want to have his babies. he owns you.
nick valensi, the definition of sex.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
deffinition of perfection

...hes good on guitar too
sex on a fucking stick
by ruth cassell March 23, 2004
Possibly the most gorgeous guitarist alive. Very tall and very skinny, wears super sexy tight pants. Damn you Amanda De Cadenet!!!
(No offence to the other Strokes memebers. I love you all. The Strokes is the best band EVER!)
Nick looked confused as Julian hit a high note
by nick&nikolaiROCK March 29, 2004
proper noun - the god of all guitar players, plays in the fuckin' greatest band of this universe (yes, even on Pluto). he is unberably tempting and is known to make anyone looking at him HOT, has a head of gorgeous hair that a majority of the time falls in front of his equally beautiful eyes..
nick Valensi, meet me in the bathroom!
by isthisit?thisisit August 11, 2004
Nick Valensi is the lead and rythm guitarist for popular New York band, The Strokes, often trading with fellow bandmate Albert Hammond Jr. for the lead. Generally he tends to play the solos, incorporating a very synthesized sound into the music. His most notable use of this sound is in the song '12:51' on album 'Room on Fire'. His most often seen guitar is the Epiphone Riviera P-94, other guitars include a TV Yellow Gibson Les Paul Junior, and a Black Gibson Les Paul custom.
Nick recieved his first guitar at the age of five, an acoustic, his first electric at age eight. By the age of thirteen he was already an accomplshed guitarist.
He met fellow bandmates Fabritzio Moretti, Nickolai Fraiture, and Julian Casablancas at a two year stint in prestigious Dwight School in Manhattan. Valensi joined The Strokes while still in High School, borrowing Hammond Jr's ID to get into clubs. He dropped out of college to pursue a full time musical career.
Nick has been described as "gorgeously cynical" and "Quite aware of his own good looks"
He lives in New York with his girlfriend Amanda De Cadenet and her daughter Atlanta.
Example one -
Person A: Who's you favorite guitarist?
Person B: Nick Valensi
Person A: Why?
Person B: Because his mad skills far outstretch the confines of your feeble mind.
Person A: Oh, okay.

Example two -
Person A: Valensi appears to be able to fit the word 'like' in every other second.
Person V: Like, indeed.
by Person B March 14, 2006
Guitarist in the NY-originating band The Strokes; tall; started playing the guitar at age 5 or six after receiving an acoustic guitar; likes "stripey socks."
Nick Valensi was born on January 16, 1981.
by Strokes fan February 02, 2004
heroin chic skinny guitarist for the strokes.
has nice hair.
nick valensi
has nice hair.
by julie October 01, 2003
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