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1. An evening programming block broadcast over Nickelodeon that appeals to adult audiences with a lineup of classic television shows.

2. The condition of a situation emulating a television sitcom, especially by means of cheesy romantic actions. A 'Nick at Nite' moment is one that has been employed a thousand and one times in every TV show imaginable, and yet people continue to do it because, well, it's been employed a thousand and one times. Can evoke positive feelings in a person while simultaneously making them feel sick due to an OD of classic cheesiness.
1. Every weeknight Barbara settled in to watch re-runs of The Cosby Show and Roseanne on Nick at Nite.

2. After her crush won her a stuffed animal at the carnival, Jessica couldn't help but think "Man, that is so Nick at Nite!".
by Ianthe August 07, 2006
This Phrase Describes a party or gathering,in which the guests or group are very young or very immature.
Dude, I went to Mikes party last night. Another "Nick at Nite". No one there was over 16.
by Vandie August 16, 2006
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