Ni! Is a word used in Monty Python's Flying Circus: Search for the Holy Grail and Monty Python's Spamalot. It has no actual meaning, and is often used merely as an in-joke.
"We are the knights who go Ni!"

"NI! NI! NI!"
by Knight of Ni February 07, 2008
Natural Insemination. Insert a man's penis in tou a woman Vaginalk cavity. After forty thrust the man ejaculates in the recepient. The person is to help a lesbian couple or a single woman conceive. Pro bono. Not done for malicious person. Recepient want to comn\nceive a child
I NI'd Yvette for four cylces before she finally got pregnant. Lesbian couple looking for NI donor that is D/D free
by pavodeBronx February 07, 2008
Not Interested
Used on Ugly Betty by Receptionist Amanda Tanen. Usually you close you hand to indicate 'shut your mouth'.
Ugly Betty
Kimmy Keagen: "In my old job we had uniforms"
Amanda: "NI"
by Genius_Me July 21, 2009
Word screamed out by orgasming Japanese women. Often heard on hentai.
Ni, ni, ni! Oh, Koizumi-senpai!
by Hobbitgoth February 19, 2011
Nipple Inspection (NI)--the inspection or observation of nipples with or without the consent of the viewed.
(1) Creeper 1: Dood I totally hit level 99 NI today!
(1) Creeper 2: Gratz bro!

(2) Knight: Ni! Ni!
(2) King Arthur: It was horrible!
by lostgame September 09, 2010
ni is an Aussie short for goodnight, night, nite
"ni everyone" meaning "night everyone"
by F.Di Silvio November 25, 2007
Stands for National Inquirer; someone who loves to gossip.
Can't listen to N.I.
by Cole Chan July 13, 2005

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