no glove no love
basically means use a condom
by bcc069 February 20, 2009
Top Definition
NGNL, also written as NG:NL, stands for 'No Game: No Life' and could be recognized as 'Noge Nora'

This is the title of a Japanese novel/television series centered around the inseperable and unbeatable sibling team called 'Blank'. Blank, or Sora and Shiro, are mysteriously teleported to a world where there are no wars, only games which decide the daily lives of everyone from peasants to rulers.
"I was reading another chapter of NGNL today."
"Did you see the latest episode of NG:NL?"
by Skylark-Torch September 05, 2014
Stands for No Glove No Love. Which means use a condom when having sex.
"Dude, I'm about to have mattress mambo with Samantha!"
"NGNL bro!"
by WhatTheBuckMaaan November 14, 2009

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