The day after tomorrow. Also known as two days from now.
Similar to lasterday
Student 1: When is our test, is it tomorrow?
Student 2: No, I think its nexterday.
by Cerealkiller1 October 17, 2007
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The day after tomorrow
I have to go to a meeting nexterday
by Betaglion February 23, 2011
The day after tomorrow
I have to go to starlite Nexterday
by haters.gonna.hate.homie April 14, 2015
In reference to block schedule for high schools, not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow.
"Dude, don't worry, that big project is due nexterday. You're covered."
by JaneyS November 27, 2013
Something you were supposed to get to yesterday, but didn't. Realizing it was remained undone from yesterday's to-do list, but still can not be addressed within today's already full to-do list, so has to be accomplished on tomorrow's to- do list...a "nexterday problem"
"Hey, Honey, unfortunately, I only had time to gas up your car. I was going to take the car to car wash yesterday too, but my other errands ran long and I just couldn't squeeze it in, and since today we are volunteering all day at the kid's school's spring carnival until long after dark, it will just have to wait until tomorrow. Yet another "nexterday" errand to add to the list!
by Literarian April 06, 2015
another word for tomorrow
man I forgot i have that project due nexterday.
by yo moma October 19, 2004
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