A male sexual action:
Upon beating off, the male cums into the girl's ear, then asks "can you hear me now?....good!"

It is called a "nextel" as opposed to a "verizon" because nextel sounds better.
Guy 1: Dude I just gooed all in this chick's ear.
Guy 2: did you say "can you hear me now?....good!"?
Guy 1: Yeah man, I totally nextel-ed that b***h.
by Steevo S. August 30, 2006
One of the greatest cell phone service providers with some of the largest (eww) phones. Service features the popular "Direct Connect" which is very similar to the function of a walkie-talkie.
I got nextel.
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
A cell phone service that is completely and utterly pointless given that there are so many other better services out their. The phones roam EVERYWHERE, even your home area. The phone models are expensive, cumbersome, and have pointless features (why does a PHONE need a WALKY-TALKY in it?!). Typically purchased by people who cant afford a real phone and want people to hear their conversations everywhere because they always talk on the walky talky.
Phone: CHIRP!!!!!!
guy 1: Hey, waddup!?
guy 2, chirp: what? say that again, i cant hear!
guy 1: I said, "hey, waddup!?"
bird chirp: "call dropped"
girl 1: That is soooooo freakin annoying! If i wanted to hear birds chirping I would go outside!!!
girl 2: He's crazy if he thinks i'll go out with him with that nextel phone chirping like a cricket during our date
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
The pimpest Cell phones on the planet. You can call, two-way radio, or two-way. Usually going beep beep.
Damn your always getting beeped on your Nextel.
by Speedy October 21, 2003
A cell phone company with extremely large phones, and overpriced plans. And the worst service coverage
Nextel is the worst cell phone company
by ashley April 02, 2005
the only cell phone service that works in this shithole, middle of nowhere place.
Gee whiz, w/o my nextel, where would my social life be??
by imaprettycoolbrunette February 10, 2005
a fucked up cell phone company that totally destroys the point of having a cell fone witht he direct connect feature.
Why dont u just carry a walkie talkie around instead of using that god damn nextel
by d August 16, 2004

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