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Anything contemporary.
Alicia Keys,Amerie,and Nivea are new school.
by anonymous April 18, 2003
69 16
a new type off skiing in which an athlete slides rails, hits jumps and boosts the pipe.
Newschool is off the hizook
by Jarrod March 24, 2005
49 10
1-People with a bad attitude.
2-People who`s not cool, mentaly young and unfair.
3-People who`s never respect other people.
«Math is new school because he dont give tips to the barmaid»
by Sébastien Girard October 03, 2004
33 56
A female's genital area that is totally clean shaven.
Beth is so new school, I love fucking her.
by Sloot September 12, 2005
15 57