Evolving from the word New-byers, meaning new passing byers in town, this changed to newbie, the shortened form of this is newb.

A newb is a word used over the internet many times, usually meaning new to a subject/topic, usually a game.

A noob was evolved through the uneducated side of games played by usually children, runescape for example, where children didn't know the exact spelling of newb and changed it to noob.

Newb and noob shouldn't be confused however, newb is a new person to a game but wants to become better and be like the higher levels in a game. A noob is a new player who tends to be aggrovating and will usually spam, beg, or find any other way to annoy other players.

As not many people like those kind (noobs), the term has become something over the internet to become offensive.
High level: Hi
Newb:Hi, I'm a newb can you please tell me where to find an item for this quest?
High level:Sure, it's just over here:)
Noob: hi wat r u all up to yo hey high lvl can u plz give me lyk sum gold cus i rly need it bad for dis wep
High level: I'm sorry, I cannot understand your annoying leet language
Noob:na wot r u sayin bout how i talk can i plz just have gold man or else ill spam you cus i hav no lyf an im a geek
High level:Fuck off, you noob
by Ben d playa August 02, 2007
Also known as "newbie". A newb is someone who has recently started an activity (commonly a computer game) and doesn't quite know everything about how the game or activity works yet.
Not to be confused with noob (or "n00b") which is a person who's game mostly consists of cheats to give them the best skills and equipment, then act as though they are an expert at the activity - usually through insults or annoying language.
Newb: Hi, I'm new, please can you tell me how to find places for quests?

Noob: LOLOLOLOLOL I pwnd y0o!!!111!!1 M0ney pleEz!11!1!!!!1 Yo0 SUxX stfuu!!1!!
by Laufeia July 10, 2008
n. "newb" one inexperienced in playing computer games, an amature with beginners luck.
v. "newbed" to be killed / defeated by a newb
adj. "newbish" of or pertaining to a newb, something a newb would do.
"your a newb"
"he got newbed"
by Pink Sven February 03, 2003
A person who lacks in skill due to being relatively new to something, hence the "new" in "newb". This term is more frequently used to describe new players for MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).
Hey, you just started playing, right? We'll help you power-level, newb.
by Medamaniac64 August 31, 2009
Newb is the abbreviation of Newbie, a term describing someone who is new at a game/forum/activity. Not to be confused with Noob, an annoying ignorant bastard.

Newbs are meant to be nutured and cared for, least they become a noob. If you deal with a newb carefully, they may become a respected member of any community.
Newb: "How do I drive a car?"
Player: "Press (button)"
Newb: "Oh thanks!"

noob: l0l noob, u cant do anything

Newb: I suddenly... feel the need.. to talk in l3tt3rs... lol.. lolcats..

Player: Oh god..
by The Stone Pilot July 22, 2009
Noun: A person, usually new to a game or forum, who is willing to get better. May devolve into a noob.
Newb: Hey, anyone know at what level I get the Fire Blade?
Experienced Player: At level 15.
Newb: Thanks. Also, where is Ronald for the quest "Cash Crops"?
Experienced Player: Just east of the Moon River where the rocks form a bridge.
Newb: Hold on... found him. Thanks!
by drowningfish February 10, 2008
Someone who is new to something, commonly online games. Not to be confused with "noob," or "n00b," which are people who play games online who purposely cause problems for others.
Newb: Hey how do you change weapons?
Experienced Player: Oh just press (button)
Newb: Thanks
N00b: 0 u lozr lolz gt b3tr at th3 g4m3 u sUcK!!!1!!11 rofl!
by InvisibleNinja6 August 11, 2010
An inexperienced player of a game, and part of a never-ending cycle. Will eventually develop better skills.
the defective ones called noobs get knocked out of the cycle and disposed of, like at a factory quality check.
1. Newb joins game and is confused
2. Newb asks experienced player for help
3. Newb takes advice and in turn, rises up in the ranks, develops better skills becomes an experienced player.
4. Experienced player goes on to help the next set of newbs.
(5.) Noob insults the newbs and the players that help them.
by Opinionated Truth Teller November 03, 2013

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