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when everyone gets drunk and parties all night. and when its midnight we all scream happy new year!!
wow im soo happy it was only 1 minuete ago it was 2003 and 1 minuete later its 2004
by moneyz December 26, 2003
amateur night
self explanatory
by jwill January 17, 2004
a. A celebration that takes place every December 31 to celebrate the beginning of a new year.
"This December 31st, we're celebrating New Years Eve!"
by Chris Grammer January 02, 2004
The night everyone has a party, and counts down to the new year coming.
We're having a huge party new years eve..
by brian December 30, 2003
The 365th (366th in leap years) day of the year, also the last, New Year's Eve is generally considered a day to:
- party and countdown with others
- watch the celebrations at midnight
We had a HUGE party on New Year's Eve and we celebrated like mad.
by !????????????????????????????! December 06, 2011
day before the first day of january of the next year - december 31, where people get drunk, wasted, have sex and all that fun
on december 31, 2003 i got wasted and laid
by tanya January 04, 2004
the night before the next year
december 31st
by nick January 04, 2004
a night where everyone lights bonfires and gets drunk!
So are we gonna go bum hopping to get the liquor for new year's eve?
by Zeratual December 30, 2003