New Orleans is a city on the Gulf Coast of the United States. The people that live in New Orleans are mostly unemployed and lazy. Lots of drug dealers, crime and everything else that goes along with drugs.
New Orleans is a city that is below sea level and flood prone. After hurricane Katrina about half of the people left the city and went to other citys to sell drugs, steal and live off of welfare.
New Orleans will be completely under water within 50 years.
by takethathill August 28, 2006
New Orleans - Check Atlantis for a better description
the people of new orleans tried to copy Atlantis, and live underwater...their plan failed...
by bzaaam! September 16, 2005
The contents of a toilet after muddbutt
ah that taco bell left the city of new orleans in the toilet
by Pete...... September 20, 2005
a wet, muddy, stinking, flooded, dirty pile of wreckage... and that was before hurricane Katrina.
New Orleans was destroyed? Who cares, it was a shit hole.
by custer September 02, 2005
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