The best place to party next to Las Vegas. Known for it's Mardi Gras parades and the French Quarter, which is where the famous Bourbon Street is located.
by DetonatorDayZ July 03, 2011
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The contents of a toilet after muddbutt
ah that taco bell left the city of new orleans in the toilet
by Pete...... September 20, 2005
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V. When a girl in the act of recieving anal sex defecates on the man's genitailia and surrounding regions.
Dude, I was banging Trina last night, but she had the runs, and totally new orleansed me!
by bored in class September 02, 2008
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An ecological disaster. It will most likely be completely rebuilt but the area is sinking, and because of it's location near the Louisiana coast, there is a strong chance that it will be devastated again this hurricane season, before the levies are rebuilt.
Move to New Orleans if you want to die.
God shall smite New Orleans.
There's still a New Orleans?
New Orleans may be rebuilt, but it will not be protected from another Katrina or for that matter another category 3 hurricane.
by Post General June 10, 2006
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