Better than the shithole the haters above me live in.
A city that will rebuild with a little time and 150,000 sqft of sand and concrete
Man1: "what did the hater above me say about new orleans?"
man2: "dunno there was so much shit flowing out of his mouth i went to go get toliet paper out my bathroom for him"
Man1: "o"

NOguy1: Wow i new mayor nagin would get his act together and have the city rasied and re-zoned
NOguy2: yea but i can belive what happend to that shithole that the guy above me lived in
by Rollin-4_YC March 16, 2007
A modern metropolis in the state of Louisiana, which is in the south eastern United States. Known for it's rich history, vibrant night life, and unique culture.

The city was devastated by one of the largest hurricanes on record, so the population and infrastructure are just now rebounding. The sad thing is enough changes haven't been made to stop this from happening again.
New Orleans is one of the worlds' largest port cities.
by Joe Schmoe Da Hoe October 14, 2007
The best place in the world. Pronounced New (like you usually say it) Or-(as in this or that) -lins. (like fin with a l not an f) It's a beautiful city that is not completely ghetto. Its the only place in the world you eat po-boys while watching some weird dressed up people riding on crazy floats throwing cheap plastic beads at you. Never say anything bad about us because then all more then 300,000 of us will get ghetto on you! We proven that nothin can keep us down, we won the super bowl didn't we. Black and gold went to the super bowl and went ahead and got crunk while we were there!
Ya'll have to come down to New Orleans!
by mysupercutelabradoodle June 02, 2010
New Orleans is a large port city located as closely as possible to the mouth of the Mississippi River, making it a necessary port to the U.S. and for delivering goods to America's heartland. Though largely decayed and impoverished, the city has a flavor unique from all other cities in the nation due to its rich, creole heritage. It is protected by a faulty U.S. Army Corps of Engineers levee system that has been criminally managed for decades (not very far from many other major American cities). It was misrepresented and brandished when the levees breached in 2005. The levees are not being built to standard, a very low standard, that is.
America's Rio. The city that care forgot and government abandoned. Laissez le mauvais temps roulez!! ReNew Orleans
by Madame Dauphine des Ursulines November 12, 2008
A city with a large percentage of lazy people, a culture of terrible public education, and BY FAR the worst streets in America...but at least the affluent neighborhoods have the same shitty streets as the poor! A city with an out-of-control crime rate and murders that occur all over the ciy (Central City, Uptown, Mid City, NO East, and all over the WestbanK) with many carjackings and drug-related/retaliation shootings. A city that was stupid enough to keep Ray Nagin in power...


The city with maybe the best food in the country, not just the upscale stuff but also the great corner-store food (see po-boys and red beans and rice). A city with a rich tradition of jazz music and festivals. A city that worships the Saints, which helps distract people from all of the problems in the city. A city with an extremely unique personality due to the architecture, food, and music that you won't find anywhere else.
New Orleans could be the greatest city in the country if the people would do more to confront the crime and education problems.
by Yakmeister Y October 18, 2010
The best city in Louisiana, practically the jazz capital of the world. Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina at the end of August 2005.
Bad news: 1,500+, most in New Orleans, dead from a hurricane...
Good news: I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico
by jesus dies on page 596 September 06, 2005
A new Strain or Marijuana. Most commonly known for its strong sweet tea smell and extreme green appearance. This sweet smelling plant is part of the Cannabis Indica family, which leads the plant to be short and squat in appearance.
Guy 1 : Look at this , I got some Killer New orleans bud, Man.

Guy 2: lets toke that shit
by TG- PG June 16, 2011
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