1. The martyr city that the Republicans will fear the most coming next federal election. Mostly in the minds of its victims and its brothas and sistahs. Also known as the North American Third World disaster (but not for long).

2. Victim of mislead governmental priorities. (An episode of the Simpsons where a meteor would strike Springfield foreshadows the Hurricane Katrina disaster.)

3. Bush's worse nightmare.
(Biased definition)

1. New Orleans: the Phoenix will rise from the ashes

2. Remember the Republicans of how they mislead New Orleans how they left the citizens cold and wet.

3. George Bush would have wished New Orleans would have been the next Atlantis so his dynasty could continue during the midterm.
by Damn Damn Danno October 09, 2005
not all of new orleans went under water, my house didnt. it is not a shit hole like ur hometown!the important parts of new orleans like the french quarter,downtown, the garden district, and uptown survived. it is not 30 feet below sea level. the places i just listed are actually above sea level.
new orleans was built between the lake and river for good reasons! fishing, transportation of goods, and traveling.
people from new orleans do not flash other people, those people are stupid tourists. we dont hate tourists, but if you act like and idiot, we dont really appreciate it. right now we need tourists. the GOOD kind.
dont be mean to new orleans because you are an ignorant person who has a problem.
new orleans will come back, and you will want to visit, and then maybe take back all you said meanies.
get a life losers
new orleans will rise again
by maddieofnola August 07, 2006
Due to Hurricane Katrina, a large number of New Orleans musicians could be relocated to Houston. This could be a major movement, similar to the Great Migration of southern blues artists up the Mississippi to Chicago and all points in between, c. 1914-1945. A richer, storied heritage combined with the progressive culture and entertainment dollars Houston offers. This could be big.
Houston and New Orleans have always shared a regional popular music tradition. Blues, rock, zydeco, soul, gospel, R&B. Mix in some Big Easy jazz and Texas conjunto. Hayail yayass!!!
by the migster September 03, 2005
the most unique city in America that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and the Bush Administration in August 2005. Has since made great strides in rebuilding and bringing natives back to town. This trying yet successful rebuilding process is made possible by the strength in community spirit shared by many in the city. People are working so hard to rebuild because it's worth it.
Everytime I've gone to New Orleans after the hurricane it just keeps looking better and better. The most hospitable and welcoming city in the world. Great music, food and people.
by MLBK May 12, 2007
see Atlantis. I hope that it can be rebuilt.
Hurricane Katrina totally submerged a great american city (New Orleans).
by DavidLeeRoth September 07, 2005
1. The best city in the US.
2. On Sundays, there's no one on the streets due to the Saints home games and when they win, the whole city goes crazy. Same for LSU.
3. People in New Orleans just look for an excuse to have a party and get wasted.
4. Every restaurant has Po'Boys on their menu.
5. We have the best seafood, and your jealous.
6. Our roads make peoples neck hurt.
2. *Excuse for not coming to school*
Mrs. ___,
My child was absent Monday due to the Saints kicking the Packers ass and had to party all night Sunday.

3. Wanna have a party and get wasted for Groundhog day?

4. Wanna go to New China Buffet and get a PoBoy? Sure.

5. Do i really have to explain that one?

6. I dont know what I did last night, my neck hurts so bad. Oh yeah, I drove in downtown New Orleans.

by c00lh0e April 04, 2009
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