The most overrated team in NFL history. They are led by the most overrated player, Tom Brady. The only reason they won the Superbowls was because of their kicker and everybody else on their team sucks ass... They have a player named Gay.
The New England Patriots are 1 - 6 against the Dallas Cowboys and if they ever play sometime soon it will be 1 - 7
by Rydawg April 23, 2006
To become very popular as a result of (retarded) post-9/11 sentiments due to your title, be caught breaking the rules by illegally taping private information, and then become resented far later than it should take by gullible Americans. Also called a "George W. Bush."
The New England Patriots are cheating cunts.

During his term in office, George W. Bush pulled a New England Patriots.
by JohnJF February 17, 2008
syn. - To Choke, To choke under pressure, can't win when they need to, THE BIGGEST LOSERS IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1:Did you see that guy lose that game?
Person 2:Yeah! He must have came from the New England Patriots.
by cacapoopoopeepee February 04, 2008
The only NFL team to go undefeated and get caught cheating in a regular season.
"Yea, I'm from Bastan, Mass and I love the New England Patriots. Theyre' wicked good and Brady's going to do it all!"

"STFU! Don't you know that the Patriots, like all the other New England sports teams, are a bunch of cheating bastards?"

"Oh yea? You're jealous because we have Taaaaaam Brady. Best QB eva'! Oh, and go red saaaaaaxx."
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
1. NFL Sports Franchise in existance since 1960. Plays their home games at Gillete Stadium in Foxboro Stadium. Owened by Robert Kraft and his family.
2. The First Dynasty of the 21st Century in any sport because of there 3 Superbowl Victories in 4 years.
Goddamn! The New England Patriots have won another Superbowl, they are the dynasty bitches! Suck on it McNabb you piece of shit! Blow it out your ass Roethlisburger! Burn in Hell Gayton Manning! You Blow, Patriots Rule! Suck it!
by Slicky Tricky Damon February 25, 2005
the biggest douches in the nfl led by a faggot qb from a fucked up school, and the only reason they won again is cuz they had to rely on mcnabb bein so sick he shoulda been in the hospital with an iv in him
i love wathcin the patriots fuck up
by fuck the patriots April 20, 2005
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