Synonymous with "Crap", "Poo", and "Garbage."
They have a highly overrated Quarterback, who thinks he is a badass, when he is really a pussy. They also smell bad because they do not use deodorant. Their fanbase is now mostly comprised of bandwagon fans because they might have won a few superbowls over the past few years.
The New England Patriots will go about as far as a lead balloon this year.
by PATRIOTS BLOW May 01, 2006
the most over-rated sports team in sports team history. fans are ruthless. cheaters. overpaid. has bunch of well known, but crappy players. lost to the dolphins.but, most teams overeact, and lose.
new england patriots are cheaters
by n8squared October 13, 2008
The only NFL team to go undefeated and get caught cheating in a regular season.
"Yea, I'm from Bastan, Mass and I love the New England Patriots. Theyre' wicked good and Brady's going to do it all!"

"STFU! Don't you know that the Patriots, like all the other New England sports teams, are a bunch of cheating bastards?"

"Oh yea? You're jealous because we have Taaaaaam Brady. Best QB eva'! Oh, and go red saaaaaaxx."
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
A large group of players, coaches, personnel, sports analysts and fans who all take turns licking robert kraft's and tom brady's pretty pink pussies. Most of their fans are known to be bandwagon faggots who conveniently became diehard fans in 2001 for some reason. Known to be the luckiest group of cocksuckers in the history of football as they should have lost to Oakland in 2001 in the playoffs, but Tom Brady let the refs gangbang the shit out of him before the game. Also known to have one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of sports. Their fans are very commonly known to sit on huge black cocks for pleasure.
Tyrone: You see the New England Patriots play today boi? Mmmmm i'd like to get me a piece of that Tom Brady!

Bill Bellicheck: Not so hard Mr. Kraft! Please be gentle!
by PatriotsSitOnDix February 14, 2009
1. NFL Sports Franchise in existance since 1960. Plays their home games at Gillete Stadium in Foxboro Stadium. Owened by Robert Kraft and his family.
2. The First Dynasty of the 21st Century in any sport because of there 3 Superbowl Victories in 4 years.
Goddamn! The New England Patriots have won another Superbowl, they are the dynasty bitches! Suck on it McNabb you piece of shit! Blow it out your ass Roethlisburger! Burn in Hell Gayton Manning! You Blow, Patriots Rule! Suck it!
by Slicky Tricky Damon February 25, 2005
The worst team in the world ever to play football.
The New England Patriots suck !!!!
by johny micfreedmanshon November 12, 2006
the biggest douches in the nfl led by a faggot qb from a fucked up school, and the only reason they won again is cuz they had to rely on mcnabb bein so sick he shoulda been in the hospital with an iv in him
i love wathcin the patriots fuck up
by fuck the patriots April 20, 2005

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