New Yorker is an arrogant, primitive, money/pleasure-obsessed individual; irritable, angry and nasty type A personality who doesn't give a damn about others and only cares for his/her own well-fare. Some are just curse-spitting lowlifes, some are coldhearted bastards who think they belong to "high society" and are "on top of the world" (they're really only on top of their mamma). Many "New Yorkers" had 100s or dozens of sexual partners and long forgotten that love, intimacy, care, etc. STDs are rampant. New Yorkers think it's normal to go to a bar and find a one-night stand or to dump their partner on some petty issue and easily find a replacement (the dumped New Yorkers don't care too much though, because they are as committment-phobic as their lovers) Most New Yorkers fear or dislike nature and anything that is natural, for that matter, and try to hide behind fake values and things like "style and fashion" to conceal their spiritual and emotional emptiness. They prefer to see nature tamed and confined to something like Park Avenue poodle (who spends his days pampered at DOG DAYCARE). Many New Yorkers are extreme weirdos that outdo most L.A. nutcases by far and far. Some of the worst scum of world are New Yorkers: from lawyers to street thugs--though not all New Yorkers are scum, of course. And yes, I did live in NYC for quite a while, as well as in all large US cities.
From the News: "New Yorker got spit on and beaten by another subway passenger after apologizing for stepping on his foot"
by Dangelion November 18, 2006
Top Definition
The only Americans that foreigners generally like.
Frenchman: Are you an American?
Me: No, I'm a New Yorker.
Frenchman: Sacré bleu! What a relief!
by NY ownz j00 March 15, 2004
According to them they are better than you,me,and anyone else who is not from New York City.
Me:Well I got to catch my flight back to seattle in 10 minutes.
New Yorker:Ohh wow you live in seattle!Do you own a farm?
Me:NO! Dumbass.
by Okami March 20, 2008
(prop n.) 1. A resident of New York. 2. Someone who can speak Profanese. 3. A damned ornery person. 4. Someone who can't pronounce the name of their own state.
"Hey, where are you from?" "I'm from New Yawk." "Where?" "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
The BEST people in the world, with the intelligence, strength and whatever more all these hillbillies lack. We aren't afraid of no one, no situation and we'll tell you off in a second if you mess with us. We're cofident and better than everyone else elsewhere....Plus we have the best accent. You wish you were like us! We have the best pizzas and bagels. And our drivers will kick your ass if you dont move on a red light...cause we're fast. We dont have tme to waste.
WE have the best food, music, fashion, culture...and yes we're cocky, concited and we're assholes...but hey thats LIFE. deal with it, hillbillies.
Hey they don't call NY the captial of the world for nothin'

some1 who lives on a farm elsewhere: Hey ya'll dat New Yorker scared tha bats outta me...i wish i was like them. But I'm a damn pussy so i gatta hate and talk shit.
by Hot Concited New Yorker November 28, 2007
a true new yorker is some one born and raised in new york city or the new york city metropolitan area (within new york state). they are proud and loyal and they understand the true past, present and future of their city.

they are not tourists or people who moved to new york simply because it is the place to be. true new yorkers have known the city and have had new york moments since they were young and so have a deep relationship with the city.
Tony is a real new yorker, he grew up by the old yankee stadium and his parents have a building out in the slope.
by fiveboroughs27 November 23, 2009
In general what it means to be a New Yorker:

One that has lived life (ie. live 10x in life, versus most other places in the world where you only 1x in life)

One that doesn't have time to waste, as he/she is experiencing human life on this planet to the fullest

One that understands and lives to the motto: you only live once (and/or for women, you are only hot once)

One that is not afraid to live/speak from your default self/soul state and core essence as a human being, versus from your ego state (as in generally superficial places like LA/OC, etc.)
Ie. New Yorkers speak from their soul, and do not need to put up fronts/characters/fake social conditioned politeness ego selves(in order to validate themselves) to live human life at the core essence/fullest
NYC Tourist: Where are we
Jessie the New Yorker: At the center of the universe
NYC Tourist: I don't understand
New Yorker: There is no other place where the concentration of people are the cream of the crop than where you are standing now
by nycsoul April 29, 2008
Someone who is from New York City or Long Island.

Yes, Upstate New York is part of the state and technically they are New Yorkers, but when someone says "I'm a New Yorker." people generally think NYC or LI.
Guy 1: I'm a New Yorker.

Guy 2: Oh, you're from the city?

Guy 1: No, I'm from Syracuse.

Guy 2: ...You're not a New Yorker.
by A Real New Yorker August 06, 2011
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