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A mid way between Old and New. Often defined by the length of the Scrotum. 2.1/2" = Old. 4.5=New. On the day "New" is reached, the village elders gather and sniff the left testicle. their mothers smell the right.. If they are deemed ripe enough to pass into "New Rhode"hood they are given a Bass guitar. As they hone their skills they can progress into Drums, Rhythm guitar, Lead and then Singing. Once singing they must hit a number 1 single within 2 weeks otherwise kill themselves with their own microphone. 12,385 microphones are believed to be involved with the death of lead singers.
H.P. Baxxter from Scooter has pulled a New Rhodes. So has Ben from A1. Alexander McQueen is a frequent New Rhoder.
by Prof. JJA February 17, 2010
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