New Orleans, was once a prominent city in the United states of august 2005. With a distinctive creole and french influenced culture that once inhabited there.

New orleans, now is part of Lake Pontchartrain thanks to Hurricaine Katrina.
Let's go to new orleans...Oh wait it doesn't exist anymore.
by Derexan September 04, 2005
An Underwater City in the US
I recently tried to go to New Orleans, only to find out it was underwater
by b33r September 01, 2005
Now a flooded, uninhabitable shithole as a result of Hurricane Katrina... the guy who thought building a below sea level city between two large bodies of water was a good idea deserves to have his dick sawn off by papercuts.
The smell within the New Orleans Superdome will knock you out in 5 seconds flat...
by wut the hell happened? September 04, 2005
Is now currently called LAKE New Orleans.
Son, lets go down to Lake New Orleans to try and fish for an xbox or a microwave, if we're lucky we might find a car!
by Dr. Quack September 02, 2005
Please see Atlantis.
New Orleans is under water!
by damian said this :-D September 05, 2005
Got hit hard by a hurricane and is under water.

But uh..hey,I got all of these beads.Flash me your titties.
I am using "New Orleans" in a sentence.
by fat hairy Karl August 31, 2005
New Orleans is a city on the Gulf Coast of the United States. The people that live in New Orleans are mostly unemployed and lazy. Lots of drug dealers, crime and everything else that goes along with drugs.
New Orleans is a city that is below sea level and flood prone. After hurricane Katrina about half of the people left the city and went to other citys to sell drugs, steal and live off of welfare.
New Orleans will be completely under water within 50 years.
by takethathill August 28, 2006

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