1. A city destroyed by a hurricane, then its survivors abandonned by the Bush Administration, too busy congratulating itself on how well the disaster is being handled.
2. What will happen to any other Amertican city after all the well-off and white leave.
1."New Orleans is fucked."
2."Damn, The Crescent in the ROC looks like New Orleans without the water."
by Ontarius September 05, 2005
City being rebuilt only to be destroyed again by another hurricane so everyone can cry and say," Why did GOD do this to us?"
Man: I finally rebuilt my home. I added in reinforced glass windows, titanium door frames and walls, and a flood resistant basement. I'm set for the next...
Hurricane blows through New Orleans, tearing down the Mans house
Man: Goddamnit...
by Not in New Orleans June 06, 2006
A city under water.
After hurricane katrina.
We hate her,she ruins everything.
New Orleans is practically the new atlantis.
by Shelbi. September 11, 2005
An ecological disaster. It will most likely be completely rebuilt but the area is sinking, and because of it's location near the Louisiana coast, there is a strong chance that it will be devastated again this hurricane season, before the levies are rebuilt.
Move to New Orleans if you want to die.
God shall smite New Orleans.
There's still a New Orleans?
New Orleans may be rebuilt, but it will not be protected from another Katrina or for that matter another category 3 hurricane.
by Post General June 10, 2006
to soak someone with an excessive amount of water resembling a small hurricane
Guy 1:what happend to your shirt?
New Orleans Victim: Steve new orleansed my shit now i cant go to the mall for another 2 hours
by CD Snutz September 03, 2005
The biggest, nature-made, above-ground swimming pool in the world.
The Olympic-sized swimming pools are puddles compared to New Orleans.
by Peanut Gallery September 11, 2005
New Orleans, was once a prominent city in the United states of august 2005. With a distinctive creole and french influenced culture that once inhabited there.

New orleans, now is part of Lake Pontchartrain thanks to Hurricaine Katrina.
Let's go to new orleans...Oh wait it doesn't exist anymore.
by Derexan September 04, 2005
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